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Aegerter and Mulhauser did not find a solution


There are weekends like this when nothing goes right: the eleventh round of the Moto2 World Championship on the circuit of Brno (Czech Republic) will not leave a good memory for the Swiss delegation. Short of their best representative since yesterday, Thomas Lüthi (Garage Plus Interwetten), who had a terrible crash that resulted in a serious concussion, the Swiss team did not score any points in rainy Czech Republic. Dominique Aegerter and Robin Mulhauser, the two carXpert Interwetten riders did not manage to do better than 17th and 22nd respectively in this race. Here's the average summary of Frédéric Corminboeuf, the boss of CGBM Evolution, the company that runs the two teams: "Tom finally spent the night in the hospital in Brno. He left this morning, still with a severe headache and a painful left elbow; but he has no fractures. As soon as he returns to Switzerland he will undergo further examinations. As for Domi and Robin, them and their technical teams never found a solution for the rain this Sunday. From the warm-up this morning they did not have much feeling. It is a defeat and not only for those sitting on the bike. We need to understand, from a technical point of view, what happened and we have to be able to give our riders a bike that is more comfortable for them to ride."

They said...

Dominique Aegerter (carXpert Interwetten, 17th): " When you don't have a good feeling in dry conditions, it is multiplied in the rain. It was a very difficult weekend. I had no grip and no confidence. In these conditions it is impossible to relax on the bike. As a result, I was braking earlier than others and I simply wasn't in the game. We need to keep working: for the immediate future - the British Grand Prix - and also long term for next season."

Robin Mulhauser (carXpert Interwetten, 22nd): "I am disgusted. The first couple of laps were terrible. I was right at the back of the grid and in the cloud of water produced by my opponents I simply did not see anything. I was in slow motion. Then I took time to pass Jesko Raffin who also struggled a lot. At the end of the race I somewhat relaxed, I caught Gardner but did not manage to overtake him."