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Mulhauser enjoys riding again, Lecuona blames himself


Strong in dry conditions on Saturday morning (3rd fastest), Thomas Lüthi (Garage Plus Interwetten) will start the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from the fourth row of the grid. Tenth overall in a wet qualifying session marked by many crashes (19 in total), Lüthi did not avoid making a mistake at the beginning of the session before he bounced back at the end. Robin Mulhauser (carXpert Interwetten) and Iker Lecuona from Spain, who is replacing Dominique Aegerter (injured last week), did not avoid a mistake as well (twice for the young Spaniard). They were unhurt. The boss Fred Corminboeuf sums up this wet and busy day: "I think we can open a paint shop after this day. Four crashes in one session, this is the first time. Now seriously I am happy to say that Tom perfectly saved the situation, he is a professional. After everything that happened in the last two weeks and bearing in mind his crash at the beginning of the session, he did his job. Robin tried different things and I liked it: he was up there at the beginning of the qualifying session, then he crashed but found an interesting rhythm in the final minutes. Iker blames himself for crashing two times, he is very young and he has already shown us in the European Championship that he still often struggles in qualifying, he gets too tense. In the race, however, he reminds me of Dominique Aegerter, he is a true warrior and I cannot wait to see him in action."

They said...

Robin Mulhauser (carXpert Interwetten, 24th): "This crash is such a pity. I felt really good at the beginning of the session. But when I went back out after this incident, the track felt so slippery, I thought the grip was even worse. I took time to get into a good rhythm and I wish the session was a bit longer for me. I had two moments on my last lap. That said, I enjoyed riding again today, although the conditions were difficult with this heavy wind as well."

Iker Lecuona (carXpert Interwetten, 26th): "My neck is a bit sore but I will forget about it tomorrow. I crashed twice in the same corner, two highsides and two hits on the head, but nothing serious. We continued to work this morning in dry conditions. This was my first time to qualify in the wet. When I crashed for the second time I was really angry... but with myself. I cannot wait for the race!"