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Tom Lüthi: excellent winner in Brno


Tom Lüthi (carXpert Interwetten) managed to secure his first place in the entire season of 2017. It is his 15th victory in the Grand Prix section overall (5 in 125ccm, 10 in Moto2). The race in Brno, Czech Republic was the first one after a big summer break. Only six laps were completed after the race has been interrupted due to rain. Lüthi had an impressive second start into this wet race. Before the red flag, the Swiss rider was on the 7th position. He risked it all and it was worth it. Despite the difficult conditions, he came in first. Nobody could overtake him. He was in control during those six laps and nothing stopped him. In just one race, he achieved a lot. His residue to the current world champion leader is now only half of what it’s been before. Lüthi only needs 17 more points to take Franco Morbidelli. Morbidelli himself finished the race on position number 8. Iker Lecuona (Garage Plus Interwetten) finished on the 19th place. He missed his first world championship point by only three seconds. Meanwhile, Jesko Raffin (Garage Plus Interwetten) has experienced a for more complicated weekend.

He said…
Tom Lüthi (carXpert Interwetten, winner):
«I haven’t won anything in quite a while (last time was in Australia in 2016). That’s why I’m even more excited about this victory. The key to success? The trainings were rather hard on me. However, I felt good during the warm-up in the rain this morning. This feeling lasted with me during the first part of the race and continued after the break. I had an exceptional good start and found my swing to get through the constantly changing conditions. I don’t wanna talk about the world championship yet. There are many more races before and I take everything step by step. I always knew that my chance of winning would come soon and that I would consequently grasp it. Of course, I was at my limit but it just felt so right. The only right thing to do was go to the limit.

Brno (Czech Republic). GP of Czech Republik Moto2, Race: 1. Lüthi (SWI, Kalex, carXpert Interwetten), 6 laps (*), 13’39.036 (142.300 km/h); 2. A. Marquez (SPA, Kalex), + 4.991; 3. Oliveira (POR, KTM), + 6.983; 4. Marini (ITA, Kalex), + 9.190; 5. Vierge (SPA, Tech 3), + 11.064; 6. Corsi (ITA, Speed Up), + 15.779; 7. Bagnaia (ITA, Kalex), + 18.431; 8. Morbidelli (ITA, Kalex), + 19.743; 9. R. Gardner (AUS, Tech 3), + 19.843; 10. J. Roberts (USA, Kalex), + 20.168; 11. Navarro (SPA, Kalex), + 20.372; 12. B. Binder (RSA, KTM), + 20.547; 13. Locatelli (ITA, Kalex), + 21.657; 14. Pawi (MAL, Kalex), + 22.940; 15. Syahrin (MAL, Kalex), + 24.056. Further: 19. Lecuona (SPA, Kalex, Garage Plus Interwetten), + 26.483; 29. Raffin (SWI, Kalex, Garage Plus Interwetten), + 38.907. 29 classified. Dominique Aegerter: DNF due to technical problems.

World Championship Standing (10/18): 1. Morbidelli, 182 points; 2. Lüthi (carXpert Interwetten), 165; 3. A. Marquez, 133; 4. Oliveira, 133; 5. Bagnaia, 87; 6. Pasini (ITA, Kalex), 73; 7. Nakagami (JPN, Kalex), 69; 8. Corsi, 63; 9. Marini, 54; 10. Vierge, 51. Further: 11. Aegerter, 50; 26. Raffin (Garage Plus Interwetten), 5. 31 classified.