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Aegerter (19th) has doubts, Mulhauser less tense


Thomas Lüthi (Garage Plus Interwetten) was eighth fastest today in qualifying for the Moto2 Grand Prix of Aragon on the circuit of MotorLand in Alcañiz and will start from the third row, seventh position, on Sunday at 12:20 due to a penalty that was imposed on Morbidelli. The day was difficult again for the riders of the two Swiss teams. They are all experiencing problems with grip on this superb but complex circuit. Returning Dominique Aegerter (carXpert Interwetten) was classified 19th (7th row), while Robin Mulhauser from Fribourg succeeded to qualify 24th out of 30 participants. Fred Corminboeuf, the boss of CGBM Evolution, the company that lines up the two Swiss teams on the Moto2 grid, sums up the day: "This Saturday was difficult for everyone and we will need the warm-up tomorrow morning to test other solutions so we can give Tom a bike on which he feels more comfortable. I know him, when he says that he is giving it everything and he is still losing so much compared to the leaders, that means there is a problem. The objective is to score solid amount of points before going overseas. Dominique is also struggling a lot to get comfortable with the bike, he cannot relax himself enough. In the end he managed to pull off a good lap, we also need to keep working with him tomorrow morning so he can have a good race. Robin changed his attitude, he is a lot less tense, he gives more precise information to his technical team. He is 1,7 seconds off the pole despite a huge mistake on his fastest lap. I am sure that he can do well in the race."

They said...

Dominique Aegerter (carXpert Interwetten, 19th) "I only managed to do one fast lap with new tyres. Otherwise the grip isn't there, I lose it very quickly. Of course physically I am still in pain but we have a huge amount of work ahead of us before we find a bit of consistency. I know what to expect in the race, I think I will need a pain killer before the start but what's more important is to find something in the warm-up in terms of our technical situation so I can ride with less force. After a month without riding a race bike I need time to find a good feeling."

Robin Mulhauser (carXpert Interwetten, 24th): "It has been a very long time sine since I felt this good during qualifying. My 24th position does not reflect my impression today, I did my best lap time without any slip stream and I also made two or three mistakes. The bike is good and I feel ready for this race on a circuit that I really like. Today I enjoyed myself, I am also more relaxed than before, I don't have to fear a bad result anymore."